Training Business

Training Business

  • LNG Value Chain Seminar - Risks and Opportunities for Gas Market Participants.

    7th July 2016

    Here at GCA, we believe that whichever part of the LNG value chain you participate in or support, a comprehensive understanding from the "well head to the gas burner tip" is essential to ensure that you extract the maximum value whilst managing risks appropriately.

    This interactive seminar comprises presentation, discussion, practical case studies and worked examples.  It sets out a brief historical context for today's sophisticated LNG sector, and how the current approach to project structuring, partnerships, engineering and optimisation, gas sale and purchase arrangements and related marine features are organised, as well as how these features interact with resource management and reserves determination, project economics, and the increasingly complex global competitive pricing situation. 

    You can read on for more details of the seminar content, or download the material here

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  • Reserves and Resources Reporting: Seminar for Financial and Legal Advisors

    3rd May 2016

    GCA is pleased to offer its extensive experience in hydrocarbon reserves/resource evaluation and reporting through focussed Seminars specifically tailored to the requirements of Financial and Legal Service Providers.

    Estimates of hydrocarbon volumes, commonly reported as reserves and/or resources are often the basis for project financing, financial forecasting and portfolio management, as well as the basis for assessing the value of a company. Volumes also play a role in unitisation and redetermination of assets that straddle boundaries between production licences. Legal disputes may also arise as a result of contracts that make reference to reserves and resources volumes.

    We are able to tailor our seminars for audiences of different disciplines, backgrounds and levels of experience. All of the seminars include actual experience including case studies to enhance the training process.

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  • Reserves and Resources Reporting: Seminars for Exploration and Production Companies

    20th April 2016

    GCA's extensive experience in hydrocarbon reserves/resource evaluation and reporting is offered through dedicated seminars specifically tailored to the requirements of Exploration and Production Companies.

    Two seminars are offered, a short ‘Introduction to Reserves and Resources’ and a longer ‘Practical Estimation of Reserves and Resources’. Each will give attendees an understanding of all the basic concepts associated with the definition, evaluation and reporting of reserves and resources, with an option to extend into practice. The seminars can be tailored to the client's particular requirements and are designed to add value and understanding to all experience levels who are involved in the process of reserves and resources reporting or those who would benefit from an enhanced understanding of the process.

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  • Unitization and Redetermination - a Petroleum Industry Seminar

    13th April 2016

    The aim of the seminar is to provide attendees with an understanding of the methodologies used to determine equity participation in hydrocarbon reservoirs, both at the initial unitization stage and during any subsequent redetermination exercises. The interdisciplinary nature of field unitization, which can involve geoscientists, engineers, administrators, lawyers and accountants is primarily technical in the determination of equity but by its nature the outcome is commercial.

    The seminar will complement industry best practice, offer appropriate examples and incorporate the client's data and requests.

    Follow this link to download the seminar flyer (115KB) or read more below. 

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  • Geocellular Modelling - a One Day Tailored Seminar

    13th April 2016

    Gaffney, Cline & Associates (GCA) offers a focused one-day seminar on industry best practice and common pitfalls associated with geocellular modelling.  The course will present the importance of understanding the geological concept and data uncertainty prior to model building; avoiding reliance on the specific software capabilities.

    Appropriate model workflows for alternate model scenarios will be considered, along with the importance of data integration.  This course is not focused on software, and will deliver understanding and key principles that should be considered before and during the geocellular modelling process. 

    Download a copy of the course details here (122KB) or read more below. 

    A three day Advanced Geocellular Modelling course is also available and is outlined here.

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  • Geocellular Modelling - A Three Day Advanced Training Course

    13th April 2016

    Recent advances in geocellular modelling often overlook the importance of fundamental geological concepts; environment of deposition and process, facies, reservoir architecture, net to gross, and how each of these components are appropriately represented in the geocellular model. 

    This course does ot rely on the prior knowledge or understanding of any particular modelling software.  Instead the course aims to explain the importance of these fundamental concepts and teh optimal method of integrating and translating basic geological concepts into a geocellular model. 

    GCA will present Case Studies to demonstrate the outcome of different approaches to assessing reservoir volumes, connectivity and how these assumptions affect management decisions.

    The attendees will be guided through the importance of all datasets and the process of integrating geological, petrophysical, geophysical, production data and analogue models.  The attendee will leave with an understanding of the relative importance of each dataset and how each influences different aspects of reservoir architecture and flow behaviour.

    Read the course summary below or download a copy here

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