In common with all sectors of the oil and gas industry, as we address the challenges posed by the current market situation, GCA is not actively recruiting in any of its worldwide offices. When conditions improve the characteristics we value remain as follows:

Personnel Attributes
Working with the management of the world's major petroleum companies, GCA’s advisors and consultants tackle the key technical, operational, commercial and strategic challenges faced by our clients.

The professional skills and interests of GCA consultants vary, but successful candidates are likely to thrive in a work environment that values and rewards:

Problem solving skills: Talent and enthusiasm to take on and solve challenging problems across a diverse range of projects, but can also deliver practical fit-for-purpose solutions.

Personal and leadership skills: Team players that prosper in multi-disciplinary teams, always with direct client contact and often working within client organizations. Client relationship and project management skills are especially valued. We also require an ability to provide high quality training to our clients across a range of detailed disciplines.

Communication skills: Ability to prepare structured deliverables, in report and presentation format, conveying clear messages to audiences ranging from line to corporate management.

International outlook: Ability to travel intermittently and adapt to the diverse cultural environments found across the oil and gas industry.

GCA’s professional reputation is pre-eminent in the industry. That reputation is derived through many years of providing the highest quality support through the services of a select group of the best personnel in the industry. To maintain our ability to provide such services, we employ advisors and consultants of the highest caliber and our rewards package reflects such compensation.

GCA also recognizes requirements of flexibility and will discuss employment terms on an individual basis.

If you believe that you could be a GCA professional please contact: for more information. 

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