Midstream & Downstream

Midstream & Downstream

  • Value Creation in the Current Market

    Value Creation in the Current Market

    25th May 2017

    GCA held one of its regular industry seminars on the 18th May and welcomed over 130 senior attendees from the London, European and Global operating, financial and insurance sectors. The theme was “Value Creation in the Current Market” which GCA addressed from the perspective of three business streams; Exploration, M&A and Gas to Power using its perception of existing drivers and opportunities in the current greenshoot environment. GCA’s extensive understanding of the market conditions and available opportunities, built on over 200 projects a year, was leveraged to feedback a consolidated international view to the audience.

    The abstracts and  presentations are available to view or download using the links above. 

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  • Value Creation: Gas to Power - via LNG import or domestic development?

    Value Creation: Gas to Power - via LNG import or domestic development?

    25th May 2017

    “Gas to Power” can mean different things to different stakeholders.  Here at GCA, we like to look at it in terms of delivering sustainable value across the entire gas value chain from the reservoir to the wire, from molecules to megawatts.  In this presentation, Ryan Pereira (Principal Commercial Manager – Global Gas and LNG) gave an overview of changes in the global gas and LNG market, exploring 5 trends that we expect to transform traditional thinking over the next 15 years.  Ryan explored how a combination of factors are still providing an opportunity for LNG imports to be a fuel of choice. 

    Mike Wood (Technical Director – Development Planning), balanced this argument by presenting the case for “stranded” gas development through utilisation of indigenous gas for power development. Mike focused on Africa in terms of assessing netbacks for domestic gas versus imports and showed competitiveness of domestic under specific State take principles.  In a range of projects, GCA considers that both domestic and import options have a role to play, but each project requires bespoke consideration. 

    You can read their presentation below, download a copy here, or contact the authors directly for further discussion. 

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  • Are Bullish Forecasts for African Gas-to-Power Overheated?

    Are Bullish Forecasts for African Gas-to-Power Overheated?

    16th May 2017

    There is a great deal of excitement in the industry at the moment about the prospects for gas to power development in Africa, driven in part by LNG oversupply and resultant lower prices, plus the LNG-to-power initiative in South Africa.  But what lies behind the excitement, what are the hurdles that need to be overcome and where is an increase in gas-to-power likely to happen?

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  • Power Africa

    11th January 2017

    GCA is pleased and proud to have participated in the US Department of Energy’s Power Africa initiative. 

    The Energy Power initiative’s latest collaborative publication, “Understanding Natural Gas and LNG Options” was launched in Nairobi, Kenya in December, 2016.  This is a detailed guide to developing gas resources in Africa, especially via LNG, and also emphasizes the increasing importance of LNG imports across the continent, with a focus on gas/LNG to power, with the wave of FSRU/FLNG type projects under consideration. 

    GCA’s Nicholas J. Fulford, Global Head of Gas & LNG was a key contributor to the book and is pleased it is now available to a wide audience of decision makers in this important arena.  

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  • Midstream and Downstream Oil and Gas Services

    Midstream and Downstream Oil and Gas Services

    1st December 2016

    GCA provides asset appraisal and project evaluation of oil and gas developments, infrastructure, and monetization solutions; consultants also advise on the competitiveness and economic viability of a project. Our specialized midstream/downstream knowledge and skills allow us to focus on a client’s needs in specific areas along the oil and gas value chain.

    To download this brochure as a PDF please click here or in the sidebar below (601KB).

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  • Project Investment Risk Management

    Project Investment Risk Management

    24th October 2016

    GCA understands and has developed the processes needed to identify and manage the business plan risks associated with common project issues. We offer an independent structured approach as well as a depth of technical expertise combined with global experience that is unmatched by any other company. GCA is able to use that experience and expertise to evaluate and manage any business plan through the investment life cycle and value chain from acquisition and appraisal through evaluation to concept definition and ultimately execution.

    To download this brochure as a PDF please click here or in the sidebar below (919KB).

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  • Focus on Valuation of Assets Moves From Exploration Upside to Mature Asset Cash Flow

    Focus on Valuation of Assets Moves From Exploration Upside to Mature Asset Cash Flow

    8th July 2016

    The Acquisition and Divestment (A&D) market has changed. Previously, exploration and discovery upside was sought after with new development potential or undeveloped acreage firmly part of the transactional value expectation. 

    However the A&D market has moved, with value now focussed on mature, developed assets that bring instant cashflow. With the change in focus, the due diligence of assets for a potential transaction also requires modification, with the focus now being on enhancement and improvement of current operations, and as such, asset due diligence now requires far more detailed consideration of the surface facilities, costs and abandonment liabilities. 

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  • FLNG: Costs and cost drivers

    19th May 2016

    GCA’s Andrew Duncan writes in Gastech News about "FLNG: Costs and cost drivers".  Read Andrew’s article in full here, or browse more of GCA’s activity in the field of Gas & LNG here.

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  • Focus on FLNG

    Focus on FLNG

    15th November 2015


    With the LNG sector set for unprecedented growth, but with gas prices globally under pressure from both low oil prices and a very competitive supply situation, project developers are looking for innovative and cost effective ways to get their gas to market, both quickly and efficiently.  Although historically the industry has stuck closely to the tried and tested traditional methods of producing LNG by land based liquefaction and storage with accompanying marine facilities, more and more projects are considering new alternatives, and many are actively pursuing floating concepts, built in shipyards, and moved into position where needed.  The key question for the industry is how the economics of these novel projects will compare to more traditional approaches.   To make informed decisions Natural Gas resource holders, investors and regulators need an understanding of the nature, costs and cost drivers of Floating Liquefied Natural Gas (FLNG) technology.

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  • A Practical Guide to Gas Monetisation

    A Practical Guide to Gas Monetisation

    13th August 2015

    GCA has recently completed its multi-client study “A Practical Guide to Gas Monetisation”.  The study focuses on a review of the key options available for gas monetisation, providing an overview of the benefits and risks of each.  However, unlike many other studies, this report provides not only a solid base of information, but also a defined methodology for the analysis and comparison of gas monetisation options.

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  • Will Exploration Success in Africa Lead to New Refineries?

    Will Exploration Success in Africa Lead to New Refineries?

    23rd June 2014

    Africa is a net importer of refined products and its import requirements are expected to grow further in the near future.  In addition there have been recent successes in oil exploration in countries such as Uganda, Ghana and Kenya, amongst others, and there are long-known reserves in many other countries such as Nigeria and Angola.  The combination of growing markets and the availability of crude oil would, superficially, seem to be an optimal environment in which to develop new refineries.  Yet, despite many project announcements, there are still only 46 refineries in Africa today compared with 45 in 1990.  This paper looks at some of the issues relating to the potential construction of new refining capacity in Africa.  

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  • East Africa - Disputes, Pipelines & Wax

    East Africa - Disputes, Pipelines & Wax

    18th June 2014

    In June 2014, GCA hosted a workshop at the Institute of Directors in London on the subject of East Africa.  

    This presentation was given by GCA's Drew Powell at the event.

    You can download the presentation here as a pdf (929KB).

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  • Exports or Imports – The Future of Asian Refining

    Exports or Imports – The Future of Asian Refining

    1st January 2014

    The Asia-Pacific region has traditionally been a major importer of refined products.  However, thanks to almost 12 million barrels per day (MMbpd) of refining capacity added since 1995, the region now has surplus distillate and gasoline production.  Yet, despite apparently plentiful supplies in the region, many countries are still planning additional capacity.  

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